Horror In Falthrien Academy

By Elton J. Robb



Horror in Falthrien Academy is an adventure set in Quel'thalas on the Sunstrider Isle. This adventure is written for the World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game available from Drivethru RPG and RPGnow. Like any Adventure this is for the Gamemaster only.

What you need

This adventure is written in a four act structure liken to a Movie script. This adventure requires the World of Warcraft RPG, the World of Warcraft Monster Guide, More Magic and Mayhem, and possibly Lands of Conflict. This adventure is designed primarily for Blood Elves, but any race of the Horde may participate. It is suggested that the group contains a paladin or a warlock.

Fade in: Falthrien Academy is haunted!

The Premise: Set before the cleansing of the Sunwell, Falthrien Academy has been overrun by outer plane influence. The academy was a place for teaching magic for years, now fel creatures have been seen at the academy. The player characters are sent to investigate the cause and to stop the corruption of the academy. If a Warlock is in the party, they are sent to find proof of demonic haunting.

The Twist: The player characters enter Falthrien Academy and find it to be overrun by arcane wraiths and tainted arcane wraiths. But something else is also working here. Former academy students who let their addiction to magic control them. In other words, they have become the Wretched — blood elves and high elves who cannot control themselves and must absorb magic in order to survive.

The Climax: The player characters must take the Wretched Felendren's head and close the instability that reacts with the nearby blood crystal with a tainted arcane shard. Once it is closed, the player character must return a tainted arcane shard to one of the teachers in Sunstrider Isle.


  • Trouble on Sunstrider Isle
  • Act 2: The Haunting of Falthrien Academy
  • Act 3: Felendren the Wretched
  • Act 4: Denouement
  • Sequel Ideas

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